Friday, January 7, 2011

Were goin Bowlin!

Well it has finaly happened, my child is interested in bowling, my husband has been bowling since he was little and is quite good at it,a few weeks ago he asked me to bring Hudson down to the bowling alley to see if he had and interest, and he does, BOY does he! he loves to roll the ball down the lane, then gets all upset that he can't run after it and go get it (Or lift it for that matter)
We bought him a bowling machine for christmas and he loves to play with it, just sits his cute little but down on the lane, with ball in hand, rocks back and forth three times, then throws the ball :) And the best part is, if he misses the pins on the bowling machine, he just goes right up to them and knocks them down lol.
Below are two pictures i took last weekend at the lanes. Pardon the black smudge, my camera took a crap that weekend.

heading down the lane with daddy
Learning the art of waiting for the ball.

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