Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Drowning in soup

So last night I had a weird dream, I was in China with my mother, and we were in a school,there was a massive earthquake and I was trying to get my mother, who wasn't able to walk very well in the dream, to stable ground. As we walked outside onto a bridge with a pool below it. My mom lost her balance and fell over the railing two stories down into the pool, the pool was full of Wonton soup ( yeah I have no idea where that came from, except for the fact that Wonton soup was my moms absolute favorite lol)I Immediately dove head first into the pool of soup, but when she hit the water, she turned into Hudson.I could see him under the water (er soup) with his arms in the air,I got under water and pulled him to safety.

I told my dad about the dream last night, he believes that it means that mom is watching out for Hudson, because of the fact that she sort of "took the fall" into the pool FOR Hudson, and the last thing my dad went out and got my mother before she passed was....wonton soup....:)

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