Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reasons why my husband rocks

I think that sometimes my man feels taken for granted, so below i want to profess to the world Why My Husband Is So Awesome (previously titled "why my husband is better than yours")
1.He gets up early in the freezing winter to clear snow off my car.
2. He changes diapers AND does dishes, and if I don't feel good, he takes complete care of me
3. He fills up my gas tank if I'm empty AND even if I'm in the car, pumps it for me :)
4. He gets me flowers and plans surprises just "because".
5. He looks for art festivals to take me to even though i know it bores him silly and "is around all those damn liberals"
6.He accepts me for me, (farting, burping in public,not knowing that pearl harbor was fought in Hawaii not japan......)
7. He tells me I am beautiful at least two hundred times a day.
8. Goes grocery shopping for me when I can't, and actually get some obscure stuff that I want.
9. He knows how to make me crack up.
10. He is an awesome father to Hudson
11. He sat with me in the hospital with me and my dad all night until my mom passed away.
12. He is passionate about issues that matter to him and wants to do something about it, which is more than I can say for some people who complain, then never DO anything about it.
13. When I'm sick he brings me Chinese (won ton soup)
14. He loves to spend time with me and Hudson, and has recently become better at family time.
15. He LIKES to go to the mall and shop and walk around
16. He's got a hot car and wants me to get one someday too,
17. He rides a Harley!!! RRRROWRR and looks divine doing it!
18. He makes real good Mac and Cheese
19. He is the Macgyver of fixing things, got some tooth floss and a nail file? he can probably make you a temporary muffler, converter or other random things.
annnd 20.
He puts up with me, and trust me I am by NO means easy to deal with sometimes. I love him so much and am so honored to be his wife. :)

oh and one more thing........well.....hee hee I cant tell YOU EVERYTHING can I?


Mrs Munster said...

:) Lovelu post. I find myself nagging to my husband so often of the things he hasn't done etc. But when I stop to think about it, he is just awesome in everu aspect. Mainly for tolerating me!

Mary Elizabeth said...

This post made my day. I keep telling Matthew is the best hubby in the world for taking care of me after this surgery. Bill sounds great as I hope to meet him someday. He is very lucky to have you as well. =)

Jacqui G said...

Hi Heather! Thanks so much for taking a look at my blog =) I love this post, I may have to steal it and do a little non-beauty related post on mine =)