Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Test results and needless worry

Well this week doesn't appear to be starting off any better than last. But I am finally learning why.

I got my test results yesterday, my thyroid function is good, glucose is good, iron levels are good, my total cholesterol is ok and I tested negative for HS CRP (heart disease protein) which is all good.

But my triglycerides which is part of cholesterol is SKY HIGH, it should be anywhere from 30-150 mine?............350!!!!!! I about passed out when I heard the nurse say that. I asked her what the hell I could be eating to make it so high, she said "do you eat alot of carbs?" no. "do you eat alot of fat?" not really. "do you eat alot of sugar?".....bingo. I eat a TON of sugar, so I got online last night and looked up all the foods that can make triglycerides go up, and I am pretty much eating all the really bad ones without even knowing it, Palm oil, kernel oil, coconut oils, fructose, sucrose, margarine, vegetable oils. My fake coffe creamer I read is a HUGE factor, I looked at the back of the carton this morning , it's about 80 percent of these oils!!!!! Ewww! Same with my beloved Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa!!

The doctor wants me to exercise more, and take fish oil to bring down my triglycerides, as well as sprinkle flaxseed on my oatmeal (oh...yummy) but I am going to do it, I NEED to.

As far as the exercise portion is concerned, I left work early last week and purchased an elliptical trainer, (whether I could afford it or not, I financed it.) Priorities are priorities, and working out will help lower my levels and control my stress.

My vitamin D levels are also "pretty low" as the nurse puts it, which brings me to another issue, my depression, if my D levels are low, that could also be why my depression has gotten considerably worse over that past few weeks. I am supposed to hear back from my OB today on increasing my Zoloft dose, and I have to take 1000 IU's of D a day, plus calcium. PHEW!

The other thing that was off was my Lymphocytes ( white blood cells) they were up. The nurse said it most likely means that I have a virus, like a cold, but I don't FEEL sick ( aside from some sinus pain) she said that she will retest me again in 4 weeks to see if that level has gone down.

Here is where I freak out..... so for some reason I immediately think OMG my lymphocytes are up , lymphocytes =Lymphoma????!! yes....I am THAT ridiculous, no I couldn't just think maybe I was carrying H1n1 or even Mono, no i went straight to Lymphoma???!
I know that I am being very ridiculous here lol. But that worries me more than my triglycerides do! Knowing damn well if my level were THAT bad that the doctor would have probably wanted to do more tests immediately, but who knows. I need to chill. For real.

So yeah that about it, he wants me on a low fat very low sugar diet (OH FUN!!!) wants me to take fish oil twice a day, vitamin d and calcium supplements.

Sigh it's all so very overbearing. but at the same time, i went in and had this test on my own reconnaissance, to make SURE that my health was good after the birth of Hudson. The only ting I cant figure is having a baby must have depleted some of my levels, and that this is a good thing, this is my body's response that I need to change some ways. At 31 I'm not old, but I am no spring chicken either. I HAVE to take better care of my self, it's essential.

I just wish I would stop worrying.

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Mary Elizabeth said...

Hang in there sweet pea. Sending love your way. =)