Monday, February 15, 2010

A change.....

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What do you think? I needed a change, my hair has been light blonde for AGES, and while my natural color is light ash blonde, I thought this was a nice dark blonde. Makes my eyes pop for sure! And the hubby just LOVES it! I do too, I may just keep it for awhile.

It was a wonderful weekend,babyfest galore! I just enjoyed immersing myself in chubby baby deliciousness. MMMMMM baby.
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Sat, we went to my mom and dads with the baby, and Sunday I took him to the coffee shop to meet Miss. Julia for coffee :)
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if you got a pair of boobs, this kid will sleep on you for HOURS!!

I also FINALLY got around to taking a picture of the Red Shoes i got on Ebay for like freaking 2.99!!
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They look even better in person!!
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They are actually pretty darn comfy, I cannot WAIT to wear them this spring!

I got alot going on this week, I have also been commisioned to make 5 charms bracelets for someone, so I am excitied to make a prophet off of that! Yay craft time!

Hope you all have a lovely week!



Mrs Munster said...

Pretty, pretty shoes! My lil lad refuses to sleep long naps anywhere else apart from my arms (face towards boobs of course). Anywhere else the naps are only max. 20 minutes. But with mummy anything up to 3 hrs. Maybe that's why I don't get anything done around the house...

Heather said...

LOL I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!

Little Rascal said...


Katerina said...

Omg, your hair looks AMAZING on you. Don't ever change it, you pull off this look so nicely :)