Monday, July 6, 2009

Surprises at my door!!!

When I awoke today from my afternoon nap, I found two packakges at my front door!

Check it out!
From my friend JC in Boston! Wee lil vans shoes, a punk onsie and some really kewl books! Thanx JC!!!!
From the lovely Rascal , her handmade hairflowers for my car show outings, and a fan from spain!she also made these for me! too cute!
and a t-shirt for the little one! Thanx Rascal!!
I love getting packages form friends, it really brightens my day, thankx gals!!!!!!


Little Rascal said...

I'm so happy they (postal service) made it this time! :))

joygoddess said...

You're very welcome!!! :D