Wednesday, July 8, 2009

no doubt the last post

Ok so this will probably be the last post until my delivery, mainly because I am in alot of pain both contraction wise and hip wise.

In short, I went to the doctor today, squeezed my mothers hand and breathed while the doctor shoved her hand unmercifully up there, yeah hurt like hell again, but I AM DILATED!!!! Whoo hooo! ! 1 Centemeter! Hey I will take it! She also said that the babys head is "right there" and feels I could very well go into labor before my scheduled c section date on the 17th.

I will not be able to have the c section at the hospital that I really want to because she couldnt squeeze me in,so instead I have to go to the highrisk hospital , i am not really happy about that,but figure, I will have to just suck it up.

If I should go into labor anytime before that date, then I can deliver at the hospital that I want to. and GOD I HOPE THAT HAPPENS lol.

My mom came over and put down trash bag on my couch cushions in case my water breaks. and the hubby has everything all ready to go. So here is to hoping this ends soon!

Here are some pregnancy pics that the hubby recently took!

The flower in my hair was made by Rascal!

Hot Rod girls way of inducing labor!
You just don't mess with a pregnant lady on crutches.


Kristal said...

You look beautiful! I hope so much for you to be able to go to the hospital you want. You can dilate really fast so I hoping that for you! Your in my thoughts and I'm keeping my fingers crossed! BIG HUGS!

Mrs Munster said...

You look stunning! All the best for the labour or c-section. Cannot wait to see photos of your little one!

joygoddess said...

Thar she blows! Hope it's over soon, for your sake and the baby (because I can't wait for pics!!!), lol. :)