Sunday, July 5, 2009

A bit better today

My wonderful husband surprised me with breakfast today! he made coffee, eggs with cheese and green pepper, and hot dogs (yes I said hot dogs) on the grill lol. Plus a big bowl of fresh cut up cantaloupe lol. it was sooooooo nice, considering all I really eat for breakfast is a bowl of cereal and a hard boiled egg. It really brightened my day.

We had some people over for the fourth of July last night, and although I wasn't intitally looking forward to having company over at all, I have to say I did quite well and it was nice to get out of the house , sit by the fire and visit with friends, got my mind off of the pain. and my neighbors Doug and Dani stopped over with their 9 month old baby Delaney, her and i blew raspberries back and forth for awhile, she is such a happy child, love her!

Dani brought over a gift for the baby, a sleep sack, a teether ring, a Police rubber ducky that tells you how hot the bath water is, and this way cool ceiling projection machine that plays rain or heartbeat sounds to help baby fall asleep. You know i am going to be playing with THAT thing today lol.
She was also kind enough to donate a baby food organizer a "Pooh Bear" Snow suit, Diapers and three or four small size bottles lol. I am just amazed at how generous people are when you are pregnant lol. it was so nice of her. After she left, me my brother in law my in laws, my husband and our friend John, sat by the fire and then watched the fire works, wich you could see perfectly from our back yard.

After everyone left, Bill and I enjoyed some quality time alone which was so nice, and then we crashed out about 1130 pm.

Oh Note to sister Dee "John asked when you were coming over and said congrats on the upcoming adoption :) "

Today I am hoping that I can get Bill to take some pregnancy photos, considering we dont have much time left and I actually got dressed and did my hair today lol. Hope fully I will be able to post those soon.

I have had alot of thinking to do lately (wich is all I have had time to day anyway). about getting my tubes tied, my mother first mentioned it, then my friend Julia mentioned it, and I never really thought about it until they said it ( funny right because you would think I would have thought about it sooner) considering my pregnancy has been so bad and any subsequent ones would most likely be just as horrible. but I don't know, its almost too permanent for em right now ya know? And they say you shouldn't make these decisions under stress, (which I am definitely under) while it WOULD be easy to just do it while they have me open, I don't think Bill and i are ready for it, I asked him last night and at first he said he would understand if I wanted to go that route, but I could tell that he wasn't completely sure, there are just too many variables right now, and it's one of those decisions I have to be SURE about. So for now we will let it rest I suppose.

Speaking of rest, I am going to go lay down and read for a bit, then maybe venture out on the porch to go read the Sunday paper in the sun.

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