Thursday, June 13, 2013

Seeing when I'm blind

Life can be trying at times, and I feel that statement only gets truer when you become a parent,
you go about life just minding your own business, thinking the world revolves around you, then BAM you have a child and suddenly you are thrown into this alternate universe,you have NO IDEA what your doing and you hope to god you are making the right decisions and not screwing your kids up for eternity.
I remember leaving the hospital with my son thinking "holy crap your letting me take this human being home?? " It was then that i realized that I was being entrusted with another persons life and well being other than my own...and my gosh that was scary.
Since then there has been long nights, lots of phone calls to my mother (and even still now that she is gone lots of prayers) and just hoping you don't kill them.
Then the storms clear and you realize that hey you really can do this and actually your pretty good at it!I know I have made the right choices for my child and have done a good job when people tell me how well adjusted he is and how polite he is.
Sometimes yes, you do have to be the bad guy, you do have to make them cry and tell them the hard truth, that's what being a parent is all about. I just know when we have a second one, things will be alot easier and there wont be as much fear. or panic.
Being a parent is an amazing amazing thing, and I think it's something that my hubby and I are starting to really get a knack for :)


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