Tuesday, June 18, 2013

get what you want NO MORE EXCUSES

I got to thinking the other day,about how many things i have made excuses for over the years, for not getting done, goals, changes weight loss ect. It seems I can always find an excuse to block myself from getting anything accomplished, Excuses are a death sentence to your goals,and the more  excuses you make the more likely your goals are to fail.....I cant believe I am just now realizing this in my life lol.
Take for example my weight loss, I really want to lose a few pounds and I keep trying ( or thinking that I am trying) but i don't take into account the days I skipped the gym, the one too many ice cream cones i ate or the times I thought I was "working hard" but really just phoning it in.
Or if your always late to work,( I'm not but i know people who are) then get up earlier, too tired? Go to bed earlier? Cant go bed earlier? Then get all your stuff ready the night before so you can roll out of bed and go!
While it is true that alot of things aren't within our control, we CAN control alot to a certain extent, but even though we have the power to do so, I don't think many of us realize it.
I'm making changes I'm starting with "the man (or women) in the mirror as Michael Jackson would say, no more procrastinating, put up or shut up, we create our own futures so lets work hard for what we want!!
Dreading doing something? Just stop complaining and get it done, i the time you wasted complaining about you, you could have had it done and moved on (I like to use this analogy for housework lol)
Remember the Brian Adams "Summer of 65" lyrics? "Ain't no use in complaining, when you got a job to do" I tell myself this often, and it helps to motivate me!!
So go out there, get what you want dammit!! If you want it bad enough it's yours with alot of hard work and determination !!
There is a saying in Yoga, "let go of all that does not suit you" that means alot to me, stop cluttering your mind with garbage, and what could we really be capable of if we ridded ourselves of our excuses?? Im going to find out!

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