Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fancy dinners and Haunted Inns

Every year we make it a point to go away for a night for our anniversary, our actual anniversary isn't until June 30th but we always try to celebrate it earlier due to schedule conflicts.

This year we decided to stay relatively close to home and go to the Inn of Chagrin, an old cottage style bed and breakfast nestled in the heart of beautiful Chagrin Falls.

Of course we always have to take a photo of our selves :) I joked with Bill that this photo looks like the ones you see of elderly people in the obituary ads....morbid i know lol

easily the best hot tub ever. it even had shutters that opened up so you could see the tv!! We laid in the tub and watch Harold and Kumar escape guantanamo bay lol

cute pup guarding a really nicely done old truck

Ice Cream by the falls!

Chagrin Falls :)

I don't know why you would WANT Uncle Joes Mint balls, but apparently...they "Keep you all aglow"
 Lemon Falls cafe where we stopped for coffee, cute place....bad service :(

Pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes I got for a steal in one of the boutique shops!! SERIOUSLY I nearly peed my pants when I saw them! I even kissed them goodnight last night lol

One more pic before dinner

When I made my reservation at the restaurant, I mentioned it was our anniversary, and they sat us at a table overlooking the falls, decorated with rose petals and a card from entire staff!! They also compt our dessert!!! We truly were astonished and felt so very important :)

Bills New York Strip Steak 
My prime rib

Chocolate Truffle Bomb

 After dinner at Jeykls, we went out for drinks at The Little Bar
My Double Dirty Martini, Bills Watermelon Mojito

When we got BACK to the Inn is where it got weird, (spoooooky)
we went to bed and we were only sleeping for about an hour or so when the light over the jacuzzi went on, like THE SWITCH FLIPPED ON, we heard the noise then saw the blindingly bright light, my husband and i looked at each other like WHOA. So Bill jokingly says "ok ha ha Mr. Ghost very funny turn it off now" but obviously nothing happend, so he got up to check the switch, and it was flipped to the on position!!!!!! I dont know if you believe in ghosts , but we sure do, and that had to be a spirit, the next morning I sheepishly asked the lady at the front desk if anyone had ever reported any weird happenings, and she said that actually there was a room on the bottom floor (number 13) that has frequent strange activity and the night auditor said there has been alot of activity in the parlor over the years, so she doesn't doubt they have ghosts, (fyi the place was built over 100 years ago)

The lady at the desk said "well im glad they didn't scare you out last night" I told her that we are used to things like that living in a century house ourselves and having strange things occur over the course of the time we have lived there,....but if something last night would have flown across the room we would have been GONE lol.
Such a good time anyways to bed because I am DONE lol

Have a great week! xoxoxo

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