Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Blessed Christmas

Christmas at my house went surprisingly well, we had a huge dinner on Christmas Eve, i cooked my rear end off! I made Babalky "bread rolls with sour kraut and onions, ham,chantilly potatoes,and french onion soup. My grandmother made her famous sticky buns,my dad made lemon cheesecake and my aunt brought the veggie tray, washed down with lots of baileys and wine :)

I was so nervous about cooking, but I swear I could feel my mother guiding me on how to cook, and it all came out pretty good,(if I do say so myself) I didn't even get tremendously stressed out at all. Hudson was dressed in his little suit, and just made everyone so happy, walking around laughing, playing Hide and seek with his great grandmother,hugging my aunt and uncle, playing with my father, and he just LOVED my younger niece Kiera,(who is five and cute as a button) he kept trying chase her down so that he could hug her all night lol. After everyone left, I did finally go into the kitchen, rested my hands on the sink and broke down in tears,I knew it was going to happen, and honestly it needed to come out.

Saturday we spent the evening with my husbands parents and brother, had a great dinner, opened gifts, then curled up with the hubby on the couch and watched football with the family.

Hudson has just been SO amazing latley, I mean don't get me wrong, he is a great child to begin with, but he has been so super cute and smiley lately, and loves, his new toys,(so does mommy :) ) I think I annoy him at times because I sit down and play with him and of course "interrupt" the way that he had things lol, to which he will often times grab the toy and go "no no no no" and then sit with an exasperated sigh, while he tries to put it back to the way he had it. lol

I tell you what I may not be rich financially , but I am rich in family and friends,and that, this year, was my greatest gift.

I definitely also ate WAY more junk than I should have, I don't diet on Holidays, or really diet at all, I try to eat right, but i have eaten WAY more chocolate, cookies, salty ham and cream sauces than my waistline and heart can handle lol. UGH. So here i sit with a bowl full of steamed veggies.......exxxciting...... hope you had a great holiday :)

Hudson and The Hubby at my in laws house, with his NEW chair!

" This is MYYYY Present"

Totally loving on his pillow pet

Me and the Hubs

Dad me and my sisters >

My brother in law, niece Mattie, Kiera and Hudson fascinated with Kieras skirt

Hudson with his great aunt Kathy and Uncle Dave

Dressed in his holiday best

My set dinner table, mom would have been proud :)

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