Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moms surgery

A short and sweet update, my mother had her surgery yesterday, they removed a tumor about the size of a golf ball from her pancreas, and actually had to remove the whole upper half of her pancreas, they are certain that it was cancerous, but they feel they got it all, we will not know what stage it is in until the lab results come back. Once they do, they will determine if she will undergo Chemo, radiation, or both.
They are giving her three months to recover, then they will start the treatment.Last night she was in the ICU but this morning she borrowed a nurses cell phone and called my dad, letting him know that she is doing so well, they are moving her to a regular room later today.

She is still not out of the woods, we now have to watch for blood clots, infection and her sutures giving way, her tissues are very soft due to being on steroids for so long so the sutures holding is a small concern. Her lung function isn't super good, but ok, her heart liver and kidneys are running strong. And her vitals are excellent.
She also has a feeding tub that runs from inside of her nose through her stomach and into her lower bowel. Just until her stomach gets back to working order.

I go see her tomorrow after work.

The surgery was 6 hours long and we were at the hospital for over 10 hours, but my father and I got to talk and bond and walk around the hospital, it was nice to spend good time together. Afterwards, he took me out to dinner for Pulled pork sandwiches and beer. Then I came home and passed out! SO tired.

I will update you more as I know it.!

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Mrs Munster said...

Speedy recovery to your mum!