Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down......"

I went to therapy tues, and saw the new specialist, as soon as I walked in ion my crutches she knew exactly what what wrong, do you have any idea what relief that is? when someone KNOWS what is wrong with you!? She confirmed it's because of the hormone relaxin, which loosens the ligaments in the pelvis to allow the room for the baby, my hips are basically "loose" and unstable, and the ligaments that I do have are over worked and not handling the stress very well, this is all because I have had serious injuries to my pelvis over the years.

She told me to shun all the other exercises that the other women gave me, because get this.....IT WILL MAKE ME WORSE!!!! yeah no shit!! so she gave me new ones that were gentler and that I can do while sitting. She also suggested I do water therapy because of the extent of my pain and the weight of the pregnancy. I was ecstatic!!, getting a maternity suit?....not so much...
but I braved the harsh fluorescent lights at target and after a 15 minute struggle to gt my pants off and the damn thing on, I just went with the first one i got on, a black little number with a skirt on it, it's a total "mom suit" but it works lol. it was better than the stripes and dots ones I saw on the rack next to it, are you freaking kidding me???? Like I want to look BIGGER!

I had my first water session today, after I had lunch with My friend Nicole, I headed over to the YMCA for the treatment, I got out of the car and was in so much freaking pain I saw stars, I limped in on my crutches and asked if the front desk girl could walk me back to the pool,I was really to afraid to walk by myself. I sat down on the bench and waited for the therapist to come over, struggling to get my pants off in the mean time, she finally had to come over and take them off for me, (for god sakes I don't know why I just don't wear a damn dress lol) she walked me to the pool, and as I got deeper in, I felt the weight of the baby disappear, although the pain was still bad,having that pressure off was phenomenal! We tired a few exercises that just made it worse, then finally she sat me down on an underwater bench and just had me slowly move my legs back and forth in the water, I did this for about 30 minutes while her and i chatted about "how i got so lucky to be pregnant AND on crutches" I of course resisted telling her the details of how I ended up in this whole situation ( prego) it was pretty x rated lol.

After 30 minutes my pain subsided greatly, she walked me out of the pool and as soon as I hit the shallow end I felt the weight of the baby again, and the pain came right back, I joked around and told her I wanted to just live in the pool until he comes out lol. She said that at least I will get temporary relief, and I have to go twice a week.So here is to hoping it does SOMETHING.

I was in SO much pain when I got home I had Bill help me out of the car , took a tylenol which was worth noting basically) and laid on the couch with the heating pad.
I can't even say that it gets better day by day because it doesn't, leaving the house is the worst, and if you ever wake up in the middle of the night around 4 am, think of me, because that's about the time I am slowly making my way up thirteen stairs (because I am sleeping on the couch) so that I can go to the bathroom, and that my friends has to be the most painful part of my day. But you know despite all of this shit, I am excited and can't wait to meet my lil guy who is already a literal "PAIN IN THE ASS" :)

Well as I have been writing this I have been waiitng for my highlights to process, so I better go rinse them out now.

My Shower is on sunday and I cannot wait! Ecspecially to wear my new dress!! I will post lots of pics, promise :)

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Mrs Munster said...

Hope this treatment is going to make at least a little bit of difference. All my little niggles seem so little after reading about your agonies. Luckily you don't have too long to go any more (even if it probably seems like it). Enjoy your baby shower. Looking forward to the photos!