Saturday, June 20, 2009

35 weeks quick update

ok ok so I have been slacking a bit, but honestly the baby has dropped down, my back hurts worse, ( my doctor is full of shit if she thinks him dropping was going to make things better)I can barley walk and this heat is going to kill me. My shower was awesome! We got tons and tons of stuff, I washed all the baby clothes and now I am working on putting them away and finishing up the nursery. SIGH thank god it is almost over lol. The doctor is going to check me in two weeks, but I have dropped and am feeling pressure, wich is a good thing.
Here are some pics from the shower, I will write again when I feel better.
Julia (super party planner) and IMy Friend Kristal who traveled allllllll the way three hours north just to see me :)My pregnant partner in crime at work my friend Gretchen, she is one month behind me. My Friend Cathy measuring my belly for a game My mom and I
Holy mother of GOD I look MASSIVE here lol, Me the hubby and our pup outside of our house.
Julia actually MADE this for me! She is a terrific seamstress!!!

And she made this.....

And these!
I also got the super cute bouncer I wanted, lol I think I have played with this thing more than the baby will lol.
He got tons of socks, shoes , diapers, bottles, outfits, toys and fun stuff! Now I gotta get crackin on thank you notes!

Want to see something funny, watch how hard it is for me to get in the hubbys pick up truck lol. This actually wasn't as bad as it was when I got in on the way to the shower that was HILARIOUS!


Mary Elizabeth said...

Your post made my day. You really look so beautiful! I'm really glad the shower was a hit!

Mrs Munster said...

Beautiful looking mama to be, who seems to be pretty much ready to pop :) Looks like you had really great baby shower. Cannot wait for mine (even if it's still gonna be a while)