Thursday, June 4, 2009

32/33 weeks part two,barely walking the line of sanity


So it finally happened, the day after my physical therapy appt. this week, I was in so much pain I could barely move, our medical team at work and our hr department, wanted me to look into early medical leave,I am not getting around well at all at work and have nearly tripped on my own two swollen feet numerous times. These are not your normal pregnancy aches and pains, mine are much more serious, I have a slightly displaced hip and a condition called Pelvic Girdle Pain , which basically amounts to "my ass literally hurts so bad that I cant sit stand or lie in the same position for more than 30 minutes at a time." pain int he ass for sure. I tried to make it through work as much as humanly possible but after nearly a month and a half of constant pain, with little to no relief from Therapy, I had had it.

I waddled into my doctors office tues morning, she wants to do it on a week to week basis,meaning I have to be monitored and come and see her every week.i am fully confident this wont get any better until I have this child.But she wants me to commit to two rounds a pyshical therapy a week plus one chiropractic appt, every other week. I said "whatever I have to do"

If I would have one thing to say to women who are thinking of becoming pregnant it would be this, build up your leg , back and abdominal muscles!!! Because weak muscles is what gotme in this condition to begin with, not to mention i have Fibromayalgia, ( a inflammation of the muscle tissue) which makes matters worse. it's one of the reasons my muscles aren't as strong as some, people without this condition are very athletic and active, I have to be careful just how hard I work out at one time, or I am down for the count for weeks.
what really has irked me, are those people (and few at that) who have hinted at the fact that they think I am blowing the severity of the pain out of proportion, saying things like "well i didn't have that kind of pain when I was pregnant" well yippie fucking yeah for you asshole, your lucky.Unfortunately I am an invalid so suck it. while it is nice to be off work,do they really think i WANT to feel this way? I would Rather be enjoying the last 7 weeks of my pregnancy. But their is not much I can do about other peoples opinions. and in the end I got more support than I could have ever hoped for from everyone else. Am I scared? yes, I am scared that I may lose my job over this, but legally I cannot. And i am scared financially, but we will be ok, it all comes down to my health and the health of this baby, which is much more important to me right now.

I started my first day of leave today, and while I didn't feel well physically, mentally i am much better, it helps when you know you can go lie down if your pain gets too bad. I went through baby gifts and folded some baby clothes, looked at the manual for my breast pump and took a nap. Rest is very important for me to catch up on, considering I do not sleep but three hours a night , roughly.
One of the cutest onsies that I got from people at work!
Thank you notes that I found!

Julia is coming over this weekend (god bless her) to help me finish the nursery! I am SOOOOO excited!!! I will def, post pics. Here is what we have done so far!
Before After! Before After!

Also week after next is my shower! I am so excited! Unfortunately my friend Michele wont be able to make it, her sister has thyroid cancer and she is helping her out, which is totally understandable, but she will be missed, I will however get to see alot of other people I haven't seen in ages, swollen feet and all!
Well enough of the endless babble I'm off to take a warm shower and lay on the couch and watch Young Guns, it just feels like a Kieffer Sutherland kinds of evening! MMMMMMM


Kristal said...

I'm so sorry hon that your going thur all of this.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Ohh sweetie! Hang in there! I am here for you although I am miles away. Please remember that! Those silly haters and their dumb comments! You said it best, your family is number one. Take good care of yourself. xoxo

Mrs Munster said...

Poor you! Even reading in how much pain you (and your FEET) are in makes me feel really really sorry for you. I haven't had any particular aches and pains yet but I am 10 weeks "behind you". Anything can happen... I feel that I am bit of loser and "cannot take the pregnancy as well as others". With a hot weather as we've had here, I'm basically immobile. Feel horrible, short of breath and dizzy. People at work don't even seem to understand that I do HAVE to EAT SEVERAL times a shift or I will feel unwell. People really can be a-holes :(

Hope rest of your pregnancy will go quickly and u'll have a healthy little bundle in no time in your arms!

Little Rascal said...

Hi yummy mommy!
Glad to see the nursery is done.

I've lost your email and address, gonna give the package another go, also got you something in Spain that I want to send, but first I like to know which color you prefer, black or red?
Email me your address on