Monday, April 27, 2009

Pregnancy and Preparation

Hiding out in the bedroom with a pint of hag gen/das at the end of a long day at work.

Hello! Here I am! Sorry I haven't updated as much but this heat and exhaustion has taken the best of me, not to mention I have been super duper busy. Where to start where to start......Well, this past Saturday, the husband and I took a labor and delivery class offered at the hospital, at first I was apprehensive about taking a class that cost 75 dollars, but then I thought about labor and how scared I was of it, and put that together with the fact that I LOVE to learn about anything medical, and I was game. The class was from 9am until 4. WHEW!! but we got lots of breaks and played some fun games, we also got to meet some new people which was also a bonus. it's great when you can share this experience with others who are going through it too! Bill was so cute, and so willing to participate in everything lol. we watched movies on labor listened to a nurse talk about the stages, even got to see a real epidural needle. Which wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be.
We also practiced breathing techniques and what to do in emergencies, they covered everything! We then got a wonderful tour of the Maternity ward which was really nice, it was small and quaint, and quiet, very relaxing and comforting. We even got to go into the nursery and see a one month old! Awwww so cute!!
The hospital has excellent security measure sin place to avoid baby kidnappings, they affix a small monitoring device on to their umbilical cord stub, and it will set off and alarm if you go out of the ward.
When we were done we had earned this certificate!
Rock on!!!!

We have also been slowly getting stuff ready for the nursery, we still need to paint but its almost all primed and patched, hopefully this weekend we will finish that part. In reference to that, Bills mother asked if we wanted his grandmothers old dresser for our room, considering that we are going to put my current one in the baby's room and just change out the knobs on it.

This is what she gave us:

Bad picture I know, but our rooms are so darn tiny it's hard to get a good pic overall.

This dresser was his grandmothers when she was a child, it is over 100 years old! I love how vintage it really is. And my Marilyn doll and pin up pic look perfectly at home on it!

We also had to find a new home for my kitty, which at first I didn't want to do, but now I am glad I did, no it's not because I preggers, because honestly, I do not believe the old wives tale that cats smother babies, but he was becoming really aggressive with me and drawing blood. Also he was being attacked by the dog on a consistent basis, i felt bad for him.

So I put up an ad on craigslist last week, and to my surprise got a hit!

a lady who lives in East Cleveland, recently lost her black cat, she has always had black cats and were used to their temperament, she was entertaining the idea of getting another, and she thought that my cat looked just like hers did, she agreed to give him a one week trial, my friend Julia went with me for moral support to drop him off Sunday. But I wasn't really sad, if she likes him, he will be really happy their, her house is huge and very cat friendly, and check this cats name, was "Tofu"....well the lady that took a vegan!!! How perfect could that be???? i think its a match made in heaven personally......hopefully. Still she may change her mind, but I hope she doesn't, we will see come Sunday! So so long kitty, I will miss you but it was sure nice to get in the shower this morning and not get bitten.

So yeah, that's about it! Just a real busy time! and the weather has been so nice, I haven't wanted to write blogs. But as you know I always eventually do!


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I'm glad you decided to take the class. Its just nice to have that info in the back of your mind while your in labor! And to prepare mentally! BIG HUGS!!!
Call me soon when you get a change.

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Oh, sad you had to leave you kitty but how nice you found a new home for him! (and shitty about the fact that kitty got all aggressive in the end). Hope the vegan lady does not change her mind.