Wednesday, March 6, 2013

.......Handfuls of crazyness

That has been life latley, handfulls of crazyness, both good and bad. Some things to report-
On The Bad:
-My husbands anxiety attacks returned full force a few weeks ago and I had to rush him to the ER.
The last time this happend was 6 years ago, we htought we kicked anxiety to the curb but...we were now we are going through a bunch of tests ot make sur everything is in working order ( better to be safe then sorry) but as usual, it is scary.
- We lost a few people at work and got really busy, then got some new people in,and now we are training like mad

On the Good-
- In the middle of this minor commotion, I got a promotion and a pretty large raise, YAY!!
I am really excited about it, but with it is a TON of training that I will need to do, but that alos means I will get to travel a bit, something I haven't done alot of in the past few years.

-I rediscovered myself in yoga again, the past two months I have spent a great bulk of time, getting back to my yogic lifestyle, and I am so very at peace with that :)

- I got a new camera!! A Nikon D3100!!! Im so excited!! I haven't had a camera this awesome since art school lol.

SO hang in....a should be posting a bit more often :) Just have ot take everything in stride and even it all out with my ujjiay breath ........

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