Friday, August 20, 2010

Killing the Clutterbug

I am a mess....not just me personally (see other blog posts) but my house! My car! My Work desk! My purse (all 16 of them) It's a long standing problem that I have tried over and over to remedy, but never to any avail, at least not for long. Now that i am a mother, it seems things are even more cluttered AND i have less time to unclutter them, as a matter of fact, the clutter seems to build faster now. My living room is littered with baby toys and various little trucks. The dining are is littered with my husbands work boots and my shoes and little man shoes. Kitchen has several "drop site" where junk mail and bills are often left to pile up for daaaayyzz. Bedrooms are scattered with underwear, clothes, orphan socks and lonely single shoes. And dont even get me started on the two bathrooms can you say hair stuff???

As I was in the shower last night I was looking around and realize I have too much STUFF!! Most of it I use,but some stuff is either a double, because I bought another thing I didn't need to replace the on I already had but couldn't find! OR something I swore I would use daily and that I NEEDED (Velcro rollers anyone?)

I happen to do the same thing with vitamins, I have every vitamin you could imagine crammed in my tiny Kitchen cabinets, and I cant throw out ANY of them because then HOW WOULD I BECOME A SUPER HEALTHY NON VITAMIN DEFICIENT HUMAN BEING??....Well turns out you have to TAKE them damn things for them to do any good...huh..go figure.

Same with my craft room, its has tons of stuff I don't use often, but I think the trick there is to just get it all into a nice organized area where I don't have to deal with it every day, because I do use all my craft stuff, just more seasonally (scrapbooking and sewing and knitting and cross stitch in the winter) (Clay, jewelry and drawing in the summer) ( I WISH this was my craft room.)

I have to get it all under control, because in those rare instances when I do get a whole day to my self and do go to town organizing, and the house IS organized for like 3 days, I find stuff easier and am able to get more done, because get this I KNOW WHERE EVERYTHING IS! But the organization never lasts long, because old habits die really hard, AND I have a REALLY small house with like no closet space. Which means we have to put our brooms and mops down in the basement.

I am really just tired of my house looking like a hurricane went through it, I know that I am not going to fix ALL clutter, because obviously Hudson is going to have toys, and that's only going to get worse, the best that I can do there is keep up on what he no longer plays with and put it in the attic.

Alot of my problem, is that I am too tired, by the end of the day after I have taken care of baby and cooked and worked 8 hours, I really don't feel like putting things away, so I am going to have to just make it easier to put stuff away.
Last week i managed to lose my glasses, my work pass AND my phone charger. Hudson had the charger, but I have torn up hell looking for my work pass and glasses, and they are no where to be found. Starsky is probably at home with everything right now using my glasses as a chew toy. And the work pass? Hell if I know!

But we really need to go through the babies the husbands clothes and mine and donate donate donate.

In light of all of this, here are some websites that I am currently diving into for any of you that may be interested. I hope that this weekend I can get SOME stuff decluttered.

and if anyone has any tips they would like to share PLEASE DO!!

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Mrs Munster said...

So happy to hear hun that I'm not the only one struggling with clutter and untidy house. All I seem to be doing is cleaning and as soon as I think the house is tidy the first room I started with is looking a mess! I've taken about 5 huge rubbish bags of clothes to charity shops already and STILL my wardrobe is bulging. What's going on?