Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Morning drives and digging in the dirt

Beautiful scenery driving through the Metro parks on the way to work this morning.

Beautiful scenery,the grass was so green, the fresh air was forcing it's way through my car vents, enticing me to roll down the windows and inhale.....

Can't you almost smell that fresh "cucumber like" smell of grass and cool forest air?

The kind of air that acts like coffee,races through your sinuses and PERKS you right up!

I even managed a smile on the way to work, HA go figure!

I also started on my garden this weekend, placed the lil man in his stroller, gave him some cheerios to munch on and some strawberries, and got to steppin! I pulled weeds, tilled the soil, and cleaned up, All we have to do next weekend is turn the soil, fertilize it and after mothers day I can start planting!

I am still not sure what to plant, when we tried this two years ago, we planted Green peppers and black peppers (didn't work out), Cucumbers ( got eaten by bull weevils) Cilantro ( not sure what happened there) Basil ( took off like MAD) and cherry tomatoes ( also did well) Onions (did absolutely nothing) and Chives ( did grow but not for long)

Last year obviously I was busy growing a baby, ( at least I got that to grow!...and grow.......and GROW! And now I am pretty sure he has gotten into a box of miracle grow, because he wont STOP growing lol

I think we will do the cherry tomatoes again, maybe some peas, and root veggies like carrots. We don't have a ton of space so I really have to watch for space hogs like Strawberries and the like.

I cannot wait to get stuff planted!!

It s so rewarding and so refreshing to grow your own food!

Anyone else growing a garden this year?


Kristal said...

Yes we are doing a garden this year. We had one for years but built the pool over where the garden was. Now we decided to put one on the other side of the house. I think were doing roma tomatos, peppers, and maybe cucumbers, Alyssa LOVES all of those... my little fruit and veggie eater.

Heather said...

Hudson Loves green beans but those are hard to grow, i just had no luck with cucumbers but ILOVE them.