Friday, April 16, 2010

Fendi (yeah right)

Maybe it's the fact that I have expensive taste, and that it's spring and I feel the need to buy rediculous pretty things, maybe it's the fac tthat I am broke-as-a-joke at the moment and am buying most of my clothes at the Salvation Army (NOT that there is anyhting wrong with charity shops)

BUT I cannot get these stupid purses out of my head, since as long as I can remember I wanted a Fendi "B" bag, ANY COLOR! But at nearly 2,3000 a pop, let's just say it is NEVER going to happen, UNLESS I happen upon a "look alike" knock off in some Chinese wig shop one day ( i know of several)I can put that wish right up there with a pair of Laboutin shoes, ( although I DO know where to get those for a discount, if you call 299 a discount on a 699 pair of shoes)

Anyway, these are on my wishy list!

OMG are you SERIOUS???? I LOVE this purse!

I have wanted this one for YEARS, and I amnot even sure they still make this color.

Man, if I were rich, I think Iwould have every one ever made.


Helena said...

Cute little baby below.

I'm not a fan of Fendi, Gucci or Vuitton but I love retro handbags.

Little Rascal said...

Ohhh, nice colors! <3