Monday, April 27, 2009

Pregnancy and Preparation

Hiding out in the bedroom with a pint of hag gen/das at the end of a long day at work.

Hello! Here I am! Sorry I haven't updated as much but this heat and exhaustion has taken the best of me, not to mention I have been super duper busy. Where to start where to start......Well, this past Saturday, the husband and I took a labor and delivery class offered at the hospital, at first I was apprehensive about taking a class that cost 75 dollars, but then I thought about labor and how scared I was of it, and put that together with the fact that I LOVE to learn about anything medical, and I was game. The class was from 9am until 4. WHEW!! but we got lots of breaks and played some fun games, we also got to meet some new people which was also a bonus. it's great when you can share this experience with others who are going through it too! Bill was so cute, and so willing to participate in everything lol. we watched movies on labor listened to a nurse talk about the stages, even got to see a real epidural needle. Which wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be.
We also practiced breathing techniques and what to do in emergencies, they covered everything! We then got a wonderful tour of the Maternity ward which was really nice, it was small and quaint, and quiet, very relaxing and comforting. We even got to go into the nursery and see a one month old! Awwww so cute!!
The hospital has excellent security measure sin place to avoid baby kidnappings, they affix a small monitoring device on to their umbilical cord stub, and it will set off and alarm if you go out of the ward.
When we were done we had earned this certificate!
Rock on!!!!

We have also been slowly getting stuff ready for the nursery, we still need to paint but its almost all primed and patched, hopefully this weekend we will finish that part. In reference to that, Bills mother asked if we wanted his grandmothers old dresser for our room, considering that we are going to put my current one in the baby's room and just change out the knobs on it.

This is what she gave us:

Bad picture I know, but our rooms are so darn tiny it's hard to get a good pic overall.

This dresser was his grandmothers when she was a child, it is over 100 years old! I love how vintage it really is. And my Marilyn doll and pin up pic look perfectly at home on it!

We also had to find a new home for my kitty, which at first I didn't want to do, but now I am glad I did, no it's not because I preggers, because honestly, I do not believe the old wives tale that cats smother babies, but he was becoming really aggressive with me and drawing blood. Also he was being attacked by the dog on a consistent basis, i felt bad for him.

So I put up an ad on craigslist last week, and to my surprise got a hit!

a lady who lives in East Cleveland, recently lost her black cat, she has always had black cats and were used to their temperament, she was entertaining the idea of getting another, and she thought that my cat looked just like hers did, she agreed to give him a one week trial, my friend Julia went with me for moral support to drop him off Sunday. But I wasn't really sad, if she likes him, he will be really happy their, her house is huge and very cat friendly, and check this cats name, was "Tofu"....well the lady that took a vegan!!! How perfect could that be???? i think its a match made in heaven personally......hopefully. Still she may change her mind, but I hope she doesn't, we will see come Sunday! So so long kitty, I will miss you but it was sure nice to get in the shower this morning and not get bitten.

So yeah, that's about it! Just a real busy time! and the weather has been so nice, I haven't wanted to write blogs. But as you know I always eventually do!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mild Update

Bill and I at Easter

Sorry I haven't been around too much last week, just had alot going on! Plus I wasn't feeling really energetic.
I'm just chilling out at home today, and although I am a bit tired, I am damn determined to tackle the nursery once more, and do some priming, now if I could only get my husband to quit stalling and patch up the damn holes already, I could do the whole room. But that's like pulling teeth as of late, so my determined arse is getting in there today to do what I can! Besides, it's still warm out, and I can open up the windows while I work.

My Easter was pretty decent, family members didn't kill each other, so I consider that a bonus! Still i am glad most huge holidays are over for the year,because PHEW! After getting through Thanksgiving extremely sick to my stomach,. and through Christmas dog tired, planning Easter was a bit of a stretch, but I did it, I got it done and now I don't have to think about it :)

Well I'm not much for an update today, but you will have that. Off to Paint I go!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spending others peoples money ( well sort of)

I had a great day with my mother yesterday, we went registering for my baby shower, and it went much better than I had thought. Her and I went to Baby's R Us, a place that I HIGHLY recommend to register at if there is on near you, they are a bit expensive, so I would register for things there that you probably wouldn't find at say target. But they make it so darn easy! And I got a free bottle and pacifier just for registering!

Then we headed off to Target where they're registry computer was down, :( But mom and I walked the isles and I wrote down what I wanted, I may go back tonight and see if the registry is up so I can scan everything. But I picked out some super cute things! Below if my favorite!!

Is this not the cutest thing ever??????? OMG I lOVE it!

And it's amazing when you are registering how many people are willing to help you, like perfect strangers,, coming up to you to tell you what they like, that's awesome! I was looking at breast Pumps and was stuck between the Medela and a Playtex one, I had heard that Medela was the best , but it was also REALLY expensive! As I was contemplating, a lady came over and goes, "OMG you WANT the medela, do not get anything else, the Playtex one is horrible, trust me I am on my third kid and the Medela has never failed me." I thought that was really nice of her to give me her input!

Well, tomorrow is Easter, so Bill and I are cleaning and tidying up the house, and I have to clean out my kitchen cabinets (sigh). But it should be a productive day none the less!

Have a great Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

25 weeks, (Milk Maid )

So here I am 25 weeks, already 6 months! 1 week away from the third trimester! (So my doctor tells me)

Weighing in at 183 pounds ( yeah now you know.... so there)

Milk Maid:
A few weeks ago I began leaking, like my boobs are leaking, actual fluid, when I told my doctor she took a look and told me that I had "Super charged boobs" and that my boobs know how to do their job so well, that they are just deciding to get ready now, which is a good thing and hopefully I will have no problems breast feeding. (Yes I said breast feeding) I know I wasn't going to originally but since I am on Zoloft now, I sort of have to, so in tune with my personality, I am an all or nothing girl, I figure if I have to for at least week or two, then I might as well just go full monty with it and give it a try. I am almost looking forward to it, it's a process.

Fearing the "Glucola"

At my recent appt. my doctor told me that at my next appointment they will be doing my glucose test, which amuses me, because I am hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) I really should have no problem with the test, BUT because I am hypoglycemic, they consider me a pass out risk, and want me to lay down while I take it. I have to drink 50g of Glucose in a syrupy sugar packed orange drink then lie down, in an hour they will check my blood sugar to see how my body metabolizes it. I am telling you right now I am going to crash, and I hate passing out, but I am trying to convince my self that it is for the best. I am allowed to eat before hand, but no simple carbs fruit or juice. Just protein and complex carbs. So that's good, at least it wont be on an empty stomach. However if I fail the test.....i have to come back for a three hour test on an empty stomach ...uuugggghhhh. God I hope I pass!!!!! ....I know I am being a baby.....
On the bright side, I get to do my preregistration that same morning (before the test obviously) so that when I go into labor they are all ready for me! So I am excited about that!

Bill and I decided to sign up for a child birth class that runs from 9am till4 on april 25th, I mainly wanted Bill to go so that he wouldn't be freaked out when he saw a bunch of needles and things being strapped onto me, and we get to take a tour of the birthing facility, so I am really looking forward to that :)
I cannot believe 6 months is here already!!! I mean WHOA!!!!!

Tomorrow my mother and I are going shopping for my gift registry!! YAY!! I am super excited. So I'm am off to go take a bath , put my swollen feet up, and get some rest!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My appreciation for all things delicious

This evening while I was making a salad for dinner, (a salad that consisted of fresh arugula, cranberries, feta and pine nuts) I got to thinking where I formed my awesome pallet for fresh Delicious food, and realized that my whole life, I have met and been attracted to people who all opened me up to different cultures of food, different ways to prepare it and enjoy it. Here is a list of those people and what they taught me:
it of course all starts here, I remember being little and walking into grandmas house to the welcoming smell of kielbasi and sauerkraut or noodles and cabbage, even cabbage rolls.Every Christmas, I always looked forward to grandmas koackis (fruit filled pastries with powdered sugar) and even after she showed me personally how to make the dough, I can never get it just the way hers tasted. She taught me that the smell of food can just turn your whole mood around, and that there is nothing wrong with spending an entire sunday making something from the heart that soothes the soul.

Mom: my mother used to have her own catering business, it is from her that I learned how to make pies, fancy appetizers, and how to decorate food. Moms homemade chicken soup is still one of my favorites, as well as her homemade cinnamon rolls. If i have an event to plan , I call my mom, she knows how to set up one hell of a nice party! (you should have seen my wedding shower and how nice THAT was!) Cupcake tower anyone???

Neil was a man that I dated for a short time in my Early twenties, he was a musician who played with Roberto Ocassios Latin Jazz Project, The Afrodisiatics and his own band Purplex. Neil introduced me to latin food, real true latin food, Flan, Cuban Sandwiches, and rice and beans. He also loved to cook with lots of fresh garlic, which has always been a favorite of mine. Neil also introduced me to Thai Food and Pad Thai with Peanut sauce, one taste and I was in love (with the food, not him)he opened me up to flavors I had never experienced before.

Andy (the vegan)
Andy was a vegan chef who worked for the Second City, when they were here in Cleveland a few years back, I had never met a vegan, aside from my sister Dee who was vegan for a time. Andy really opened me up to cooking with fresh vegetables and fruits,he showed me how to navigate the west side market and how to look for the freshest herbs and ingredients for my cooking. He introduced me to falaffel and the best hummus on earth at Nates Deli in Ohio City. he also showed me how to make Sweet Potatoe fries, baked squash with fennel and coriander, vegan stuffed peppers, and even vegan chocolate chip cookies! I must say that he was probably the one who taught me how to eat the healthiest and how to really appreciate fruits and veggies.

My French Canadian pal Julia, has been a true blessing in my life, not only is she a terrific gal pal, but she also knows how to REALLY cook lots of gourmet stuff. She, like I, also appreciates food, and the prep that goes into it, the girl has an entire cabinet full of spices in alphabetical order! She has spices I never even heard of! If I have a culinary question I usually call on her, and her French Onion soup recipe is a favorite between my husband and I. I even have a saying "If Julia made it, you know it's good"

The Chefs at Big Fish Seafood Bistro:
Quite some years ago I used to work as a waitress and hostess for a restaurant called "Big Fish". Wile working there, I got to taste things I have never tasted in my life, like Tuna Shashimi, raw oysters (ick), and sword fish, all freshly prepared, one day I asked Chef Tye to make me a salad for lunch, he threw together,The Cape Codder salad, which consisted of Arugula,red onions, pine nuts, blue cheese, candied pecans and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I about died and went to heaven, and it was from that moment on, that I craved "fancy salads" I in fact don't believe that I ever went back to eating iceberg lettuce ever again, I was hooked on the good stuff. They also introduced me to Dirty martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives! MMMMMMM

My father:
my father is a meat cutter and knows a good slice of beef when he sees it, dad taught me how to pick out the perfect piece of meat, how to season it and cook it until it's tender. He also makes incredible navy bean soup. My dad is always experimenting in the kitchen making new recipes and tasty things. He also makes the most Delicious fudge in the world!

Mike , Michele's (The Beautiful Nightmare) Dad:
Now she may find this hilarious, but Michele's dad made the absolute best steaks I have ever had, he never let me know what the seasoning was ( said he would have to kill me) but that man could turn a few steaks into one hell of a meal! I loved being invited over Michele's house for steaks, complete with baked potatoes and salads with ranch dressing!

So many people have shown me so many different things, and different ways to look at food. I have a pretty wide palette when it comes to food, and I love a good meal at the end of a hard day, food doesn't just feed your stomach , it feeds your soul. And I am so grateful for the people that I have met in my life,who have showed me everything food has to offer. I feel lucky. And now, thanks to this post.....I feel really hungry......

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Down In a Hole....

I have been suffering on and off from Clinical Depression since I was about 22 years old. I have been on meds and felt better, went to counseling, made small changes in my life and gotten better. Sometimes I relapse though and I need to be put back on meds, the last time I too a depression med was over 4 years ago, I have been doing pretty good since, but right before my pregnancy, I was starting to go down that path again, but at the same time I was able to pull myself out with natural remedies.

My doctor had warned me that it my rear it's ugly head again later in my pregnancy, and for the past couple months I would be fine , then not fine then fine then really not fine. I am talking full blown lying on the floor crying fits. But still I thought I could beat it, but that was before this week, now i believe I have finally hit my low point as I call it, the point were it gets scary and I cannot put off getting help, after being in tears nearly all day yesterday, hysterical tears, not eating much and wanting to sleep but being unable to, I called of work dragged my self out of bed and called my doctor, she saw me, and prescribed me Zoloft. I am currently waiting to pick it up.

I don't tell many people I work with about it, because for some reason i feel like I will be attacked for giving in to meds for depression, but honestly I have dealt with this long enough that i know if I DON'T do something, then it gets even worse than you can imagine, Hudson is extremely restless, he is kicking up a storm and I know this has to be effecting him. last night I cried so hard and so much I threw up, and that's just about all I could handle.

I hate feeling like this, having no motivation what so ever, not wanting to get dressed having waves of anxiousness, having to drag myself to do anything and everything. But i know I will get through it and in a few weeks I will be bright again. Well I'm off to go pick up stuff. later. Always loved Placebo.....