Wednesday, June 25, 2008

meat and cheese and meat and cheese

So I am really REALLY excited, Monday is the hubby and I’s one year anniversary, I cannot believe it has already been one year! (And what a year it has been sheesh!) But we made it and came out stronger.

To celebrate this little milestone, we are heading to Indiana Amish country this Friday morning at 10 am! Now don’t laugh ( I know some of you are laughing) but we are dorks and we LOVE the land of beef jerky and trail mix, we usually go down to Berlin Ohio, and stay in a B&B but we have seen that place too many times, so….off to Shipshewana we go, we will be staying at the super cute relaxing Songbird Ridge Bed and Breakfast on an Amish farm We will have our own private bath (ooh lalala!) and queen sized bed (YAY!) in the morning we will have a breakfast of “meats and cheeses” then it’s shopping we go!!!!! I will make sure to take lots and lots of photos to share. Ugh just one more day of work L.

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