Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Cures "play for today"

So last night was my big ol early B-day present from my friend Julia, THE CURE concert! I of course got myself all gothed and corseted up for the show, (check out the rack I didn't know i had!!!) And Julia got all dressed up herself with her teeny little waist cincher and beetle juice dress, Bill wore all black (it's so simple for men) we had a blast and they were spectacular!! Robert Smith was fat, which does prove Randys thoery to be true "when Robert Smith is happy he is fat, when he is sad he is skinny" and his new album is a happy one so guess what, but he still looked amazing! With his cherry colored lips black eyeliner and almost shy cuteness. They rocked it out big time, and also came back for not one but TWO encores! ( Robert Smith looked like he has been coming back for more than TWO Encores latley)...heehehe...get it...I made a funny.... ENCORE....heavy Robert Smith...eats alot..........umm....ok.

All was great expect for some minor mishaps, Randy couldn't go because he unfortunatley had a death in the family. Some real real big guy kept seeping out of his seat onto Julia, then she tried to move over becuase we had an extra seat and he managed to leak over to that seat oo, and he smelled like vomit, then the guy next to Bill kept spitting sunflower seeds onto Bills feet. REALLY PEOPLE,who the hell eats sunflower seeds at a concert?????

All in all thought it was one of the best concerts, they truly have not lost thier touch!

Julia and I in our CURE attire

With our serious goth faces on, you can see that we were on the verge of cracking up.

The sweetie pie and I, he really was happier than this to go to the concert with two hot chicks lol

The set during Lovesong
Set during an older song
The man himself!!(ok so it was far away but HA! I still got a pic of him!!)

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Ashley said...

ow ow. sexy lady. You look totally rockin!