Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When needs overrun WANTS

I want a pair of new heels
But I NEED a pair of shoes I can walk in
I want a new iphone
But I NEED to pay of some bills first
I want more nail polish
But I NEED to use up what I already have.....
I go through this thought process on the daily..
And lately there is one WANT that has been persistent over all the others.
I want to stay at home with my child
But I NEED to work because
1. I hold the insurance
2. I have school loans to pay
We have always thought that if  we have another child
( another persistent want)
That I would want to stay home, I worked after my son was born and that was tough
very very very tough
I really don't want to work with two little ones at home.
We have some time before we plan to make another little miracle.
And I am trying to concentrate on really getting all my bills paid off.
My feminist side be damned, I have an inner need to be a stay at home mom, to be fully involved in my children's lives,to be a housewife and make my home
 a great place for my husband and my kid to come home to.
It's very hard to feel like I am doing my best job as a wife and mother when I work so much.
I know most women have to work outside the home and alot of things will change if I stay home
  • I will be completely dependant on my husband who is already pushed to the limit, this will be tough for me because i am a very bullheaded independent person.
  • I LOVE to shop, LOVE IT but I would need to find ways to be thriftier and spend less
  • Could I really stand being at home all day?
  • I would need to leave my job of 7 years and the new position I have where I make great money
Those are all the things that I would really need to think about.
But on the up side
  • I could bring in extra income by increasing my AVON sales to full time
  • I could bring in extra income by selling my jewelry
  • I would be able to be more involved with my child or future children
Be able to be a better wife
Its a scary decision to make
but I believe that if you really want something, you CAN make it possible.
Money is important
But family is more important
your children are only little once
I want to enjoy every moment more.
Being a Stay at Home mom is hard hard work, but I'm up for the challenge and my heart wont rest until I accomplish it.
I would love to know what you think........



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