Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 Things Right now

5 Things Right Now:
1. Sweetcheeks
This kid of mine, is so darn cute, and growing up right before our eyes!
We recently got him completely potty trained, and it all happened alot quicker that I thought it would.
(Sigh) the baby is slowly going away :( BUT my wallet is SO much happier lol.

I honestly have SO many pictures of this kid sleeping in public places, I am going to make a video about it lol

and of course he loves motorcycles just like his daddy :)
2. About a month ago, I began Jaime Easons LiveFit Trainer, it focuses on building muscle and eating clean, I can say that I have never felt better in my life! After one month I am already seeing small results. if you are looking for a good muscle based program, I highly recommend it, you can check it out at Search under "Live Fit Trainer"
Don't let the website name freak you out lol, you will NOT bulk up, this WILL however make you stronger and when you have more muscle, you burn more fat, even when your just at rest. No I do not get paid for advertising this ( trust me) i just really like this program and wanted to share :)

3. The 2012 Presidential Election:
Never before have I had to make a serious sould searching decision. I vote every year, but for some reason this year the game changed for me, I was with one political party but now, I have become and independent. and I can see both sides of the spectrum, One candidate hasn't done enough in my mind and the other one has good ideas but some really bad ones that will most likely follow those good ideas. I hate having to put my eggs all in one basket,
when that basket is full of good things and bad things.

4. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte
....Need I say anything else?? I'm about to run out the door and get my first one of the season....
and I do not think anything else needs to be said

5. Major Bedroom Redecorating
 i really am NOT in love with our bedroom, when we first moved in we painted it a basic beige color and accented it with turquoise and brown, but over the past six years, the bedspread has seen every baby bodily fluid known to man, been ton apart by our 90 pound dogs nails and dismissed by my husband as "too hot" so it ends up on the floor......and I end up freezing my ass off.
But it's not just the bedspread, its the curtains, the wall color, the lack of a head board, ugh. You should walk into a room and get that inviting feeling and we just want to walk back out lol and sleep on the couch.
We argued about color over and over, I wanted grey  or blue he wanted beige's or....who knows...
We settled on a nice warm but peppy Pumpkin color, not sure which shade, but below are the ones we are considering, once we figure out what we want, we can concentrate on bed linens and curtains.
I really can't wait to just get it all planned out and done already!

Thats all I got for now!
Lots of love! Have make the most of your day!!

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