Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The year gone by........

So long 2008 eight.......it surely HASN'T been great.....but I did learn alot about my self, and really came into my own. Here are a list of my accomplishments for 2008 ( in no particular order)
1.I let go of the past, and in doing so, freed up my heart. I realized where mulling about what didn't happen hampered what could happen.

2. Got rid of toxic people, be it friends or ungrateful family, I finally cut apron strings with those I was tired of either fighting with or over.

3. I planted a garden and it LIVED!!!! it was my first attempt at creating "life" which leads me the to number 4.....

4. I made a baby! (well it's still baking but I did it!)

5. I emotionally supported my husband after his accident and my mother during her breast cancer treatment, and from that, learned just how much of a powerful force I could be in someones life.

6. I began to worry (just a weee little tad) less about my health, it was to the point of craziness and really getting out of hand. However I do still worry about the ones I love.

7. I kicked my sugar cravings......blame pregnancy...but I was headed down a diabetic road I was so bad ( see theres that health worry popping up again lol)

8. I made myself known at work. I made sure this year to put myself on the map and really get noticed, made friendships and deepened relationships with top people in my company, and even if it never gets me that window office, at least they know my name and know I went down fighting!

9. I got in touch with old friends, and some family I have hardly spoke to before <" Ashley: I am so glad that we connected finally, you are a swell gal and it saddens me that I never knew how cool you really were :) luv you cuz!" as for everyone else, Michelle, Kristal, Tori,Sarah, Mary and anyone whom I have forgotten, it is great to have you all within talking distance again!

10. I turned thirty.....and in the process figured out what really mattered to me all these years.

I don't make resolutions for the new year,they tend not to stick, instead I set private goals. This next year should prove even more changes, and hopefully I will grow even more.

Now if you will excuse me I am going to go dive face first into a rootbeer float that I have been wanting since Sunday lol.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! May everyone have a great 09!!!

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Mrs Munster said...

Happy New Year to you too!